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Ramy Mohamed is one of the most creative Artists of his Egyptian generation. He worked on many art fields,begining from the Faculty of fine Arts as he used to be the first of his department of Theatre Arts .And after the graduation he start working as a graphic Designer for a heavy clients here on Egypt and Overseas like America, France, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, KSA, Lebanon, India, Ghana, kuwait and more countries for Nike, Unilever, INSCA, Springfield, Orascom, Lipton, MSC, AUC, GUC, AASTMT, Cortefiel, Anta, Diadora, Almouafak, CIB, Game Valley, Lagoon, AUB, Clear, Dreem, Mo’men. Fine Foods, Pizza Station, Sakr Investments, YAT, Novartis, Unisco, Axe, Rexona, Dove, and more …

Passing Through Advertising, Product design, Printed Designs, Events, Exhibitions, Parties, Marketing, Television ads, Web designs, Branding, Festivals, Social Networks Games and alot of ways and directions of Art and business .

Thinking outside the box and through research, hard work, creativity, experience, cool-headed and creative thinking that’s solving challenges and assess difficult situations and make concise, impactful and versatile decisions that save the day and positively affect the team’s overall performance and lead the agency through a successful long term Plans to a continuous Growth, Development and Stability.

Ramy’s touch expands beyond Advertisements to posters such as Lipton, Novartis, Unilever, UFS, Nike and many big clientas that shows different designs of ramy all over the world

Ramy is a guest lecturer at the faculty of fine arts teaching the new ways of becoming a global designer and how to turn your career to a daily beautiful habit

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